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Palm Cay partner with Navtours who specialise in sailboat charters in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Navtours run a fleet of sailboats and catamarans out of the full service marina at Palm Cay which provides easy access to the islands of the Exumas which offer nothing less than a sailing paradise.

Whether you are a seasoned skipper or a newcomer, we offer various packages to suit your needs, making sure you can get the most out of your sailing vacation!

Become a Palm Cay boat owner

With the Navtours ownership and management programmes, enjoy the freedom of sailing year round in the Bahamas with none of the expense or hassle typically associated with yacht ownership.

Navtours acquisition and management programmes allow you to acquire the yacht of your dreams now, without having the burden of maintenance and operation costs. With a guaranteed income programme, we pay you usually more than your monthly mortgage payments which in turn allows you to pay back your loan more quickly (if applicable). Your boat will receive meticulous maintenance and will always be clean and ready for your own time on board.

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